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Powering a World that’s Always On

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Technology and sustainability power a world that’s always on.

We’re a Technology Company

Plain and simple, we’re a technology company. Everything we do is driven by cutting-edge technology. Our engines run at some of the highest elevations in the world, often well over 14,000 feet above sea level. Some of our engines are as big as buildings that run some of the largest trucks in the world. Accomplishing this is no small feat and requires complex technology. We’re also on the forefront of advanced technological trends, which can be seen in our autonomously driven trucks. The programming works seamlessly with our engines. Another area our technology is making a large impact is within our generators. The generators we produce are some of the most efficient and bring electricity to areas of the world that otherwise wouldn’t have it. One of our proudest accomplishments are our products that have near zero emissions. We’re getting to the point where our next technological challenge is actually measuring the levels of emissions these products do produce because they’re so low. Our technology matters, it quite literally drives economies. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to create the products we do.

Sustainable Practices

Technology can only go so far if it’s not sustainable. Just because we’re good today doesn’t guarantee we’re good tomorrow. That’s why we take sustainability very seriously here at Cummins. We’re proud of our accomplishments with lowering emissions and will continue to pour efforts into lowering them even more. This work is being recognized. In Barron’s first-ever list of America’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies, we came in at 60th, just behind Macy’s and just ahead of Apple. We’ve also put together new environmental stability goals, which we’re calling our Planet 2050 Strategy. One of our biggest goals with this strategy is to become a zero-waste company. Read more about our Planet 2050 Strategy here.

A World That’s Always On

Here at Cummins we realize the importance of our jobs. There are many jobs, industries, and lives on the line, all of which completely depend on the products we make. It’s not just a job for us, we’re not just clocking in and clocking out. This is our passion, and the world can’t afford for us to not be on our game. Whether it’s a hospital, power in a remote area of the world, or one of the hundreds of industries that use our engines, catastrophe can occur if one of our products fails. Our generators ensure people stay alive in hospitals and keep people warm in below freezing conditions. Our engines and trucks bring resources, make certain industries possible, and put food on the table. Our world is growing, it’s changing. It’s absolutely vital that it is always on. And that’s exactly why you trust Cummins. Whatever the situation, when you’re using Cummins’ products, you know what you’re getting, and you know we’ll come through for you.

To find out more about how we power a world that’s always on, follow this link and watch our video.

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