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Yamaha Generators Provide Backup Power when You Need it Most

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Portable generators that have your back during power outages.

Power outages can happen anywhere, anytime, and sometimes without any warning at all. Whether it’s due to extreme weather or a planned blackout, losing power can be a big inconvenience and costly. So how do you plan for the unexpected? The Yamaha Generator Inverter Series is the answer.

Why Yamaha

Like with all Yamaha products, their portable generator line is focused on power, performance, and innovation. With these values, Yamaha has created some of the most dependable portable generators on the market. But let’s get down to the details--why should you purchase Yamaha over other brands? One of the most impressive features are the EPA certifications. These are called Emission Compliance Period ratings. To put it simply, these ratings measure how long the generator can run and the emissions being released. Yamaha generators have the longest run time and produce the cleanest emissions. Yamaha has the best Emission Compliance Period ratings on the market. While Yamaha generators cost more to start, they’re actually the better long-term investment, as proven by the Emission Compliance Period ratings. Another reason to choose Yamaha is because their generators run longer than the competition while powering the same amount. This means when both generators are powering the same object, the Yamaha generator will run longer than competitor generators. Yamaha generators also allow you to burn fuel out of the carburetor before storing. This is vital for the generator’s longevity and ensuring it will start again after long periods of idling. Other generators don’t have this capability, and there’s no guarantee they’ll start right away after idling. Finally, Yamaha generators are all much quieter than the competitions.

Which One You Need  

Before choosing which generator would be best for you, first try to evaluate the possible scenarios you might find yourself in. For instance, if you live in an area where blizzards are a possibility, consider a generator that can power your refrigerator. If your biggest concern is a power outage or scheduled blackout, you should be able to get by on a smaller generator. It all comes down to what is most likely to be the worst-case scenario and making sure you’re prepared for it. Choosing the right generator will bring another level of confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

For your everyday backup generator during a short-term power outage, the EF2000iST is exactly what you’re looking for. Lightweight and easy to store, this generator will be able to handle smaller appliances and run for 4-10 hours depending on how much of the load is being used. Phones can stay charged, a movie for the kids can be played, and everyone remains happy during the power outage. If you want to be able to power your refrigerator and maybe some other small items, you’ll want to have the EF3000iSEB. This generator should allow you to run all of your home appliances, some of them at the same time. For example, your microwave and refrigerator will both be able to run together. However, if you want to be able to power the majority of your house appliances at one time, you’re going to want to have the EF6300iSDE. This generator will provide the greatest range of appliances able to run at the same time while still being manageable to move around.

Check out our brochure here for more information on how to choose the right generator for you. Think you’ve found the right one? Purchase online here.

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