Webasto DBW 300 Heater Kit

  • $4,402.89

DBW 300 Heater Kit

Save Fuel, Reduce Emissions and Increase Productivity. DBW 300 heaters make engine pre-heat and interior heat look easy. The heaters boast 104,000 Btu/h of output, and can be used in buses, off-highway, construction, mining, and other heavy equipment.

Product Features:

  • Engine pre-heat for large engines
  • Provides interior cab heat
  • Eliminates cold starts
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Heats hydraulic fluid with optional accessories

DBW 300 Datasheet

Kit Options:

DBW 300.53 Diesel Compact Kit (12 V) - Part Number: 920356B

DBW 300.54 Diesel Enclosure Box Kit (12 V) - Part Number: 920467B

DBW 300.54 Diesel Enclosure Box Kit w/Pre-Heat (12 V) - Part Number: 923012B

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